Social Media Policy

This policy has been developed to inform members of BADGERS about using social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram and all other social networking sites and forums) so people feel enabled to participate, while being mindful of their responsibilities and obligations. In particular, this policy provides practical guidance allowing all parties to benefit from the use of social media, while minimising potential risks and protecting those involved.

Managing Online Presence

Our online presence through our website or social media platforms will adhere to the following guidelines:

Online Behaviours

The code of conducts state the expected behavioural standards, this includes behaviour on social media.  Here is some specific does and don'ts to consider before posting on social media:

What We Expect From Our Club Volunteers

What We Expect Of Club Members

What We Expect Of Parents And Carers

Policy Breach

Club members who breach this policy (and other related policies) will face a warning in the first instance, persistent breaches will be dealt with through the clubs grievance and disciplinary policy. 

Any breaches of a safeguarding nature will be addressed through the clubs safeguarding policy and procedure and where appropriate will be reported to UK Athletics. 

Whilst the club will try to moderate social media posts, if you do have any concerns or would like to make a complaint please contact one of our welfare officers.