Our fantastic range of new merchandise, is available to purchase via our online club shop.

We have been working with Scimitar the uk's leading sustainable custom sportswear brand, to design a range of merchandise to echo our existing vest and t-shirt design. This new range will be made using recycled and organic fabrics.

Shop currently open and selling cotton hoodies.


I ordered a vest / t-shirt with my membership

Any orders for kit placed on the membership form will be dealt with by our Merchandise Manager, Janet Crumpton

Please contact her directly to make any arrangements.

I need to buy a vest / t-shirt?

We hold stock of both vest and t-shirts.

These can be purchased at any time of the year by contacting our Merchandise Manager, Janet Crumpton.
Please contact her directly to make any arrangements.

Vest: £24
T-shirt: £26

Why is the shop is closed?

We open the shop multiple times a year, each time different items are for sale based on the time of year.

For example in spring we will open up the shop to sell shorts and Capri leggings ready for the summer. In autumn we will open up the shop for Hoddies and Jackets.

The items for sale and when they go on sale will be announced both via email and on our members facebook group.

Minimum Orders

While there is no individual order limit when you are placing  your order.

There needs to be at least ten orders of each product placed in the order window for the factory to produce them. If there is less than this by the time the order window closes then, unfortunately any orders for that particular item will be cancelled and refunded.

Why is the delivery date so long?

To help with our mission to be more sustainable all of our products are made to order, this means there is no stock waiting on shelves and therefore no waste. The drawback of this is there is an up to 10 week delivery time after the close of an order window.