Club Standard Times Award Scheme - FAQs

What is the Standard Time Award Scheme?

The standard time scheme will give members of BADGERS Running Club the opportunity to be rewarded for their personal race achievements and act as an incentive to improve their times for various distances. At the end of each club year, members will be rewarded with a certificate appropriate to the standard achieved. The scheme runs from 1st September to 31st August each year.

How does it work?

There are time standards for each age group – your age group should be taken from your age on the final day of the scheme (31st August).

For example: A 44 year old with a birthday in May, will be 45 before 31st August and therefore they should use the VET 45-49 times.

There are 10 race distances for members ranging from 5k to Marathon. All members have ten standards to work towards: Platinum +, Platinum, Gold +, Gold, Silver +, Silver, Bronze +, Bronze and Copper +, Copper.

How do I get an award?

To be awarded a certificate you must complete at least five different distances of one standard. To gain a distinction you must qualify for eight different distances of that standard. It is possible to receive 2 awards at the same time, but at different standards and grades.

Early in September, you will need to submit your Standard Times. Only on receipt of this form and the subsequent verification of your times will an award be made.

Can I get two awards?

Yes, it is possible to receive two awards at the same time, but at different standards and grades.

For example: Someone may complete 8 race distances, 5 of them at Gold standard and 4 at Sliver standard. Therefore qualifying for a Silver standard at distinction grade and a Gold standard at merit grade.

If you are planning on receiving two awards it if helpful to submit these separately.

e.g. submit one set of results for a distinction and one set for merit (some/all of the races and times can be the same)

What is the difference between Merit and Distinction?

The number of races distances you must achieve.

In order to achieve a merit you must submit times for a minimum of 5 different distances.

In order to achieve a distinction you must submit times for a minimum of 8 different distances.

Does (insert name of race) count?

Firstly check the Standard Time Award - Race List to see if the race is on there and can me used. (Note: races in red can't be used)

If not check to see if the race meets the standard below.

Any race can count if it meets the following:

* The following parkruns will be accepted: Coventry, Long Eaton, Braunstone, Leicester Victoria and Walsall Arboretum.

**Point to Point races that meet both rules may be used - See other FAQs for further information

Why can't I use all parkruns for 5k?

For a race to count for standard times it must be a road race and accurately measured.

As parkruns are not races they do not have to meet the strict rules of road races. Most parkruns are only a guesstimate or approximately measured,  also a vast majority are multi-terrain. Multi-terrain races due to there nature can't be accurately measured.

In order to be more consistent we have moved in line with the county standards, and will not be allowing parkruns to be used for 5k apart from the courses listed below.

The following parkruns will be accepted: Braunstone, Coventry, Long Eaton, Walsall, Leicester Victoria and Walsall Arboretum.

Does Tissington Half count?

REALLY? Take a look at the race list - Standard Time Award - Race List

Tissington half is mixed terrain and has a decrease in elevation of 1m for every 100m ran in distance (1:100). This 10 times the allowed limit of 1:1000, ie 1m per every 1km.

Therefor it can't be used for standard times, records or PB's.

How do I check if it is accurately measured?

For a course to be accurately measured it needs to obtain a certificate of course accuracy from the Association of UK Course Measurers.

If a race has a valid certificate of course accuracy, the certificate or certificate number, along with the AUKCM logo should be displayed on the race website and information.

You can also check the course measurement database for the certificate.

To do this go to this website and ADVANCE SEARCH for the races name.

Check that:

*Point to Point races that meet both rules may be used - See other FAQs for further information

**Certificates are valid for 10 years - If the race course has not changed you may renew your certificate every year for up to 10 years before it has to be inspected or measured again.

The race I want to use doesn't have a license.

Race licenses do not have an effect on standard times. A race can have no license, an ARC or a UKA license and still count towards standard times.

All a race needs to count is the following:

* The following parkruns will be accepted: Coventry, Long Eaton, Braunstone, Leicester Victoria and Walsall Arboretum.

**Point to Point races that meet both rules may be used - See other FAQs for further information

Can I use international races?

Only International races that appear on your Power of 10 profile can be used. (Any races still need to be road races and meet both the point to point rules.)

Please contact Power of 10 directly if you think a race is missing from your profile.

What is a point to point race?

A point to point race is where there start and finish are at different locations.

Can I use point to point races?

Point to Point races that meet both rules may be used:

For example - The London Marathon meets both rules and can be used, but the Great North Run doesn't and can't be used.

Why can't I use all point to point races?

A runner use less energy running down hill, as they get a helping hand from gravity. Therefore races with too much decent can't be used, as they don't give you a true representation of a runners capability.

A runner may get an advantage from a tail wind on point to point races, to stop you from having a tail wind for the complete races there is the rule stating start and finish must not be over 50% of the race distance apart. This is to insure that at some point during the race you should have to run both with and against any wind advantage.

Races like the 100 meters (a very short point to point race) have a wind reading taken during the race. If the tail wind is too high and has given the runner an advantage the time won't stand for PB/Records.

Is there a list of races I can use?

Yes, to help you achieve you standard time awards, we have made a list of races that are popular with the BADGERS members. This list will quickly outline if a race can be used to achieve a standard time award or not.

This list is NOT a full list of races that can be used, you are welcome to use races that are not on this list.

The list can be found here: Standard Time Award - Race List

If you have done a race or are thinking of doing a race and it's not on the list, please get in touch with the webmaster via email (not facebook!) - Contact Us

When contacting us please include a link to the race website, and course certificate.

I ran a race last year does it count?

It depends when last year, the scheme runs from 1st September to 31st August each year.

For example: If you are submitting towards the 2019/20 Season all races need to be done between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020.

How do I know what races I've done?

We recommend you keep personal record of your own races and achievements.

If you have registered for your Run Britain / Power of 10 profile (this is free with your UKA affiliation) all races with a valid licence will be listed on your own profile page.

If any races are missing from your profile, please contact the race / Run Britain / Power of 10 directly.

What is a URL and how do I find it?

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the web address, this is the address where the results are on the internet.

Find your results online, then simply copy and paste the web address from the box at the top of the page into the submission form.

For example -

If the race was in the LRRL you don't need a URL just put "BADGERS" in the box on the form.

Please DON'T put the following:

Tip: To save you time searching for the results, your power of 10 profile will have links to most (if not all) of the results all in one place. However still use the individual links for race and please DON'T just put a link to your overall profile.

Why can't I submit my times yet?

We ask that you don't submit your times before the 1st September each year. This is because it is still possible to better your times or add new distances up until the 31st August.

When will the submission form open?

The submission form opens on the 1st September. You will have around a month in which to submit your times, the closing date varies depending on when the Annual Presentation Evening is being held.

I've submitted my times, do I get confirmation?

When you submit your times, you will receive an automated email to confirm receipt.

Please first check your "Junk" mail, and if you don't receive this within 24 hours, contact the webmaster via email.

When will the awards be given?

The Standard Time Awards will be given out at the Annual Presentation Evening, which is held in October each year.

Why do standard times differ from other clubs/county standards?

The standard time system is set up on now out-of-date data. The WAVA system that is used to get the grades was created in 2006 and partially updated in 2010 and 2015. With world records being broken yearly, this means some of the times are over 10 years out of date.

This had led to differences in standard times as some regional bodies / clubs make changes to in order to try and keep up-to-date.

BADGERS uses the updated 2010 WAVA system as a base, with VET categories split into 5 year blocks (median times taken). The grade levels were decided by the BMG, this was done by looking at the overall members abilities, and setting the grade levels accordingly. This means that it is possible for 90% of our members to achieve a Standard Time Award at one of the 10 grades.

How do I apply for a county standard?

You need to apply direct to the Leicestershire Running and Athletics Network

All questions about county standards to be directed to LRAN.

Note: The times and rules for county standard are different to the clubs, please make sure you check them thoroughly.