Training Sessions

Tuesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Social Run BADGERS

This group is for any runner (from the age of 12 year old) our training sessions will include road and multi-terrain running, incorporating various training methods including hill reps, fartlek, lactate and interval sessions aimed at improving cardio-vascular capacity, endurance, speed and stamina.

Training is on a Tuesday evening, this is the main training of the week.

The session is split into three ability based groups (A, B and C) the distance covered during a session range from 3 to 7 miles.

Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Social Run BADGERS

For anyone new to running, Beginner BADGERS carefully support you as you train for your first 5km run, teaching you how to warm up, cool down and stretch.

The Run Leaders will guide you as you run further each week, with useful tips whilst providing friendly support and motivation.

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Thursday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Social Run BADGERS

This social session is for any runner who can run at least 5k or 3 miles and will be led by a RunLeader.

There will be two planned routes each week, a route of approximately 3-5 miles and another of 5-8 miles.

The pace of the session is up to you, run as fast or slow as you like, this is a chance to meet up with other club members.


The Junior BADGERS is for young people aged 12-17, interested in running. Depending on previous experience, Junior BADGERS are encouraged to join the Beginner BADGERS programme for the first 12 weeks to ensure they develop the correct training regime. After completing the programme and running their first 5 km run, Junior BADGERS are invited to join the BADGERS where their development is continuously nurtured and monitored in a supportive environment.

Due to UKA rules on maximum distances for age groups Junior BADGERS aged 12-14 can't compete in the Road League or Cross Country League Races. Junior BADGERS aged 15 -17 can compete at some of the Road League and Cross Country Races. There are junior races at the Cross Country races, unfortunately there are no junior races in the Road League.



(2) Cross Country Maximum Distances

Age Group Maximum Distance
All Athletes Under 13 years 3,500 metres
Under 15 years 5,000 metres
Under 17 years 6,500 metres
Under 20 years 10,000 metres
Seniors Unlimited

(3) Road Maximum Distances

Age on day of competition Maximum Distance
All Athletes Over 11 – Under 13 5,000 metres
Over 13 – Under 15 6,000 metres
Aged 15 years 10,000 metres
Aged 16 years 15,000 metres
Aged 17 years 25,000 metres
Over 18 – Under 20 Marathon
Seniors Unlimited
Masters Unlimited