League races are for EVERYONE!!

As is the club ethos “Friendly supportive running for all abilities” this also rings true for the league races (both road and cross country) it’s not just about the points!

Race days have a real family atmosphere with everyone coming together and supporting one another. If you are a little apprehensive or nervous about attending why not speak to one of our fantastic captains who can answer your questions and help put you mind at rest.

There will be plenty of BADGERS on hand on race day to reassure you, give advice or even run with you, and not to mention the famous “BADGER ROAR” when you come into the finish! If that wasn't enough, after every race the captains will provide you with cakes to celebrate your achievements (all guilt and calorie free as you have just run!)

Please don’t think that only the faster runners count, runners positioned outside of the “scoring” positions do still have a large impact on the performance of the clubs league positions. If you finish in front of runners from rival clubs who are counting for their teams points, your being there is pushing others teams position total up. So please don't think you aren't fast or good enough to run in the league races EVERYONE counts!

Not only are you competing for the club but there are individual scoring. Prizes are awarded based on gender and age categories.

We have BADGERS of all ages running from 16 – 70+. No one is too old to take part. Unfortunately sixteen is the minimum you can be to run in the league races this is due to the distances involved, however the cross country league also do junior race, ask a captain for more details.

On a personal note the LRRL is a fantastic way of getting your Standard Time Award. Over the course of the league season if you run all the races you will have run enough different distances to have achieved a standard time award, without the need of finding, travelling or booking extra races. League races are by far the cheapest and easiest way of getting a Standard Time Award.

Please come along and give them ago! We would love to see you all there.