Club Standard Times

Standard Time Awards

The standard time scheme will give members of BADGERS the opportunity to be rewarded for their personal race achievements and act as an incentive to improve their times for various distances.  At the end of each year, members will be rewarded with a certificate appropriate to the standard achieved. The scheme runs from 1st September to 31 August each year.

How does it work?

There are time standards for each age group – your age group should be taken from your age on the final day of the scheme (31st August).

For example: A 44 year old with a birthday in May, will be 45 before 31st August and therefore they should use the VET 45-49 times.

There are 10 race distances: 5Km, 5Mi, 6Mi, 10k, 7Mi, 8Mi, 10Mi, HM, 20Mi, Marathon.

You need to run a minimum of 5 different distances.

All members have ten standards to work towards: Platinum +, Platinum, Gold +, Gold, Silver +, Silver, Bronze +, Bronze and Copper +, Copper.

How do I get an award?

To be awarded a certificate you must complete at least five different distances of one standard (or above). To gain a distinction you must qualify for eight different distances of that standard (or above).

All times must be achieved at recognised athletic affiliated events with accurately measured courses (no parkruns* fun runs, mixed terrain, cross country or point-to-point events**).

It is possible to receive 2 awards at the same time, but at different standards and grades.

For example: Someone may complete 8 different race distances, 5 of them at Gold standard and 3 at Sliver + standard. Therefore qualifying for a Silver + standard at distinction grade and a Gold standard at merit grade.

Early in September, you will need to submit your Standard Times. Only on receipt of this form and the subsequent verification of your times will an award be made.

Please note: UKA define 5km and parkrun differently, this is due to parkrun's not having to meet the same strict standards that races must meet. We have decided to allow a select number of parkrun's to count for 5k's in our club standards.

* ONLY the following parkruns will be accepted: Braunstone, Coventry, Long Eaton, Leicester Victoria and Walsall Arboretum.

**Point to Point races that meet both rules may be used-

For example the London Marathon meets both rules and can be used, but the Great North Run doesn't and can't be used.

List of Races

To help you achieve you standard time awards, we have made a list of races popular with the BADGERS members. The idea of the list is to quickly outline if a race can be used to achieve a standard time award or not.

This is NOT a full list of races that can be used, you are welcome to use other races that fall within the rules.

Note: Races marked in red can't be used.

If you have done a race or are thinking of doing a race and it's not on the list, please get in touch via email (not on facebook!) - Contact Us

Please include a link to the race website.


If you have any questions please check the Standard Time FAQs

If you have any further questions please get in touch via email (not on facebook!) - Contact Us

Race Record

We recommend you keep a list of all your races.

Danny Warren has made a handy spreadsheet to help record all of your races.

It can be found HERE.